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#488940 Battlequest: A Tabletop WIP

Posted by Burger Warrior on 29 August 2019 - 08:30 AM

That does help, yeah. Guess I should have figured you'd at least keep damage scaling in mind. XP

Buuut I would personally still look at how other systems like the ones I mentioned handle customizable magic systems via clear parts with distinct costs. Perhaps deathrays were less of a good example compared to being able to always open locks or teleport wherever you like - stuff that can negate a lot of challenges with a difficult-to-quantify effect. ^^;

#488928 Battlequest: A Tabletop WIP

Posted by Burger Warrior on 25 August 2019 - 08:51 PM

Clears throat



Ahem, in more helpful terms, coming from a somewhat veteran GM and someone who is a huge fan of magic systems in TTRPGs... I would love it if you actually provided some kind of guidelines or categorization for magic please for the love of God.


There's plenty you can do with a more nebulous system than DnD or Pathfinder's more intensely detailed and specific spells, but under 'do what you want' people can just throw death rays with wild abandon and that's both annoying and just sort of negates... everything I do as the GM. I would recommend taking a peek at something like Mutants and Masterminds or maybe Savage Worlds if you want fluid and also fairly simple and straightforward ways to implement magic into games with loose guidelines. M&M in particular is built for making custom super heroes so it pretty effectively covers literally everything you can do with supernatural powers in some way, shape, or form (the trouble being it works fundamentally differently from DnD besides sharing the d20 as a standard dice, so it's very much something to base your work on you can't copy and paste this stuff).

#488837 SSLF Spark Thread (Guest Starring Screenshots)

Posted by Burger Warrior on 31 July 2019 - 09:57 AM

...Hot damn, hats off to you, sir. I haven't so much as beat up normal Behemoth yet.

#488803 Battlequest: A Tabletop WIP

Posted by Burger Warrior on 14 July 2019 - 12:31 PM

Huh, this isn't a bad system at a glance. I can really appreciate how you've put an emphasis on growing from failed rolls... however, I think the exact numbers could use a little bit of work. Speaking here as a long-time veteran of Pathfinder, DnD 4e and 5e, Mutants and Masterminds 3e, Savage Worlds, and a couple other systems, there can be a lot of rolling in just a single session. Many of those, particularly with your high 'average' DC of 15, will be failures. That's a ton of skill growth per session, and I'm not entirely sure this system would be at its best weighted down by the number bloat that will inevitably follow it.


You've taken a lot of care to keep this extremely simple, which I can respect, but constant leveling without much in the way of a limit - and with accelerated speed on failed rolls - could lead to adding giant numbers to dice rolls in short order. From experience, that tends to make things trickier for people fresh to the tabletop. Further, I'm of the opinion that being able to advance all your skills so quickly from doing poorly weakens the dynamics of a party; where typically most people in a group fill a unique roll or three.


I think to adjust that and still keep things simple you can either: change the rate of growth in skills (so you don't level up from 1 to 2 by a single failure), or use a 'proficiency' system so you pick a few skills at character generation that will grow from failure as your character is particularly bent to learn from mistakes in that area of their life (a typical barbarian probably doesn't care to grow their arcane stat even if they roll it reluctantly or as a joke). I'm personally a fan of the latter method, because it will help your party fill their unique niches and doesn't stray far from examples set in other systems.


Besides that, I think there should be clearer limits on things like out-of-combat magic and perhaps some sort of level cap so gamemasters don't have to continually escalate threats to challenge a party over a longer campaign, but that's more of a personal preference thing and down to what you want from your creation, here. I hope this all helps. ^^

#488435 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Burger Warrior on 04 April 2019 - 01:40 AM

I mean they could have compared it to Warframe then and ended up doing things better than Destiny did :V

#488024 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Burger Warrior on 02 November 2018 - 08:17 PM

So now we can't complain we have to pay the price of a full game to get the good bits of Destiny 2, I guess?

#487624 ZONE - Fort Slaughter ((A Dying Breed))

Posted by Burger Warrior on 12 June 2018 - 10:03 AM

As far as hunts went, so far Lyneth had had a wonderful time with Athens. Journeying across the Empire left them with many nights in the wilderness or in taverns together, and Brys was more than ready to reciprocate any advances the knight made during that time.

She couldn't help but make a face, however, as they arrived at Fort Slaughter. Legion camps were never fun places to go, and Slaughter in particular seemed to stick out among them. She forced a smile - and subtly buttoned her shirt up a bit more than usual, realizing her normal tactics wouldn't work here - as she and Athens navigated the tents and exercising legionnaires, looking for...


Centurion Tullus stuck out, fortunately... thanks to his uniform, mostly. Otherwise he was just as stern and loud as anyone else in this gods-forsaken place. Lynetg had to struggle not to flinch when he shouted at them. Summarizing events proved a little difficult thanks to that.

"There's little doubt what happened, then. Those two left to make contact with a village of lion-folk just to the north of here. People have been disappearing, mostly toward the north, near that beastman village."

Well, maybe we're lucky and this has nothing to do with traitorous Venatori, then... "Well, that certainly sounds... typical." The half-demon offered.

Tullus arched a brow. "They should all be destroyed," he appended. "I suggest you don't waste your time, and your lives, trying to talk peace with those monsters. I can provide you with a full legion to go and slaughter them immediately."

Lyneth resisted the urge to sigh, if only with a superhuman effort. "We appreciate the offer, sir," she replied, "but we need to be certain it wasn't anything else. We haven't been given the option of going back empty-handed." She offered a helpless shrug. "If we go missing, though, I'd certainly rest easier knowing your men avenged us."

#487276 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Burger Warrior on 31 May 2018 - 06:34 PM

Krystia grinned, still blushing. "Thank you so much!" She pulled herself up out of the dip. "I don't know how to thank you."

As Krystia pulled Lyneth into a hug, the half-demon couldn't resist pulling her just a little too close - just for a tantalizing moment. With a playful giggle and a wink, Krystia was quickly released, however.

"Don't worry, I can." She teased, before promptly slipping away into the crowd. She was late for her date with Athens... and then with the Southwestern Wilds, after that.

#487230 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Burger Warrior on 28 May 2018 - 04:20 PM

Krystia blushed a deep crimson at Lyneth’s tease. For a brief moment, the half-succubus worried for her.


"I.. I mean..."


So when Lyneth explained her joke, she did so somewhat hastily. It seemed to help redirect young Krystia’s attention back to the hunk at hand, at least. Phew, minor crisis averted. I mean, no offense, sweetie, but if we spent that night I’d have to explain how things work… probably repeatedly.


Gods, I hope Athens knows his way around a woman.


"Aren't you and..." She paused, "the fancy nobleman. You know."


Lyneth kept grinning. She’d gotten used to doing that in the face of extreme crisis, and it shifted to a thoughtful pout. “Mh… yes, I suppose I should spend at least one night with him, first.” The half-demon nodded, taking the situation into quite serious consideration. Or at least, looking like she was.


Reaching a decision, Krystia exhaled. "I don't really know much about this kind of thing. I've never..." She trailed off for what felt like the thousandth time. "But I know Caiden feels something for me, I can see it in his eye."


“Mmmmmhm…” Lyneth nodded slowly, mostly to show she’d heard. She hadn’t had the pleasure of so much as a dance with the local Venatori legend, so there was only so much specific help could give. Fortunately for Krystia, Brys knew a lot of general technique.


“Well, let’s start with lesson number one, hm?” She grinned, shifting closer to Krystia and laying an arm across her shoulders. “You’ve gotta take command, girl.”

In one smooth motion she spun around Krystia, taking the younger woman by her shoulders. “Look ‘em in the eye, puff up your chest,” she followed her own advice in steps as she listed them off, “and remember to smile, sweetie. That’s the most important thing. Now, you try!”

#487201 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Burger Warrior on 25 May 2018 - 03:50 AM

"Krystia," Krystia mumbled faintly. "I'm pleasured to meet you. Oh gods, no, it's a pleasure. We should go and..."


She gestured vaguely in the direction of nothing in particular and trailed off.


Lyneth couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at that, a teasing smirk on her face. “Is it truly that much of a pleasure to meet me? My, and I thought you had the hots for Voros…” She giggled, before offering Krystia a gentle pat on the shoulder.


“I joke, Krystia. As I was saying, I mean to give you some pointers on approaching a man like Caiden. Unless you truly prefer spending your time with a girl like me.” Brys gave the younger Venator a wink and a grin, intent on leaving the option open to her young companion. It wasn’t like Voros was going to miss one of a dozen girls hounding him to spend a night with them...

#487195 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Burger Warrior on 24 May 2018 - 12:15 PM

Krystia spluttered indignantly as Lyneth dragged her away. She glanced at Caiden and noticed he was looking away. Clearly just as hurt as she was.


"What are you doing!?" She hissed. Krystia took a deep breath to centre herself.


Lyneth smiled apologetically. “Love, I’m trying-”


"Are you trying to steal Caiden from me? Or did you think we could share him?"


Brys balked at that visibly. It took her a long moment to control the sudden rush the idea of a threesome gave her. Her smile weakened as she finally shook herself out of it, and she gave ‘Krystine’ a pat on a shoulder.


“I’m more of a one on one girl myself.” She winked. “I just wanted to give you a little help, ah…”

There was a long, uncomfortable pause. The half-demon ended up clearing her throat a little loudly.


“...I can’t say I really recall your name, I apologize.” She flashed another smile. “I’m Lyneth, and you’re…?”


#487190 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Burger Warrior on 23 May 2018 - 04:10 PM

"Seems an all too common occurrence around here..." Athens commented, glancing over at Cyrus, and some of the other tragedy-stricken hunters that made up the homeguard of the Venatori.


Lyneth tilted her head slightly, studying her new companion as he got all thoughtful like that. He had a certain passive smolder as he did, and the half-demon’s lip curled into a playful grin as she noted all the little details she could spot. Gods, he was practically carved from marble. He’ll be fun to play with.


Athens' expression shifted back and he nodded politely to Lyneth. "That sounds like you have a plan, partner." Athens shot a playful wink at the girl and turned to walk towards the doors. "Would you mind leading the way, Miss Lyneth?"


Lyneth giggled at Athens’ wink, slipping her arm around his, an impish smile on her face. “It’ll be my pleasure, Sir Astoria.”

As she led him along, a few different happenings occurred. A loud, rude Inquisitor arrived, Brennus began to mix with the crowd himself, and-


Oh no, what’s the poor girl doing?


Lyneth found herself watching Kryst… Krystine? Yeah, that must’ve been it. The poor girl was trying to tackle Caiden Voros himself, the hunkiest hunk to ever end up shunning womankind. A heartfelt sigh escaped Brys’s lips as she gazed upon that beauty of a man, unresolved dreams circling her mind. Oh the fun they could have…


It took her a moment to shake herself out of it, pushing the voices to the back of her mind. Nuh uh, not now. A fellow girl needed help. Badly.


“Actually… do you mind claiming a table for us?” She smiled apologetically at Athens. “I think someone needs my help, if you know what I mean.” Lyneth gave him a nudge along with her hip. “Promise it won’t take too long, ‘sire’.” She winked playfully, slipping away into the crowd.


Moments later, Lyneth all but materialized by Kryst… ine’s side, intercepting her hand with her own. “Oh, Krystine, I’ve been looking all over for you!” She smiled widely, her pearly whites almost shimmering in the hall’s lighting. “I had some hunting techniques I wanted to show you!” She winked at the younger Venator, gently trying to guide her away. “Don’t worry gentlemen, I won’t be long~...” Brys added, flashing Caiden a warm grin as she hauled ‘Krystine’ off to safety.

#487150 A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

Posted by Burger Warrior on 20 May 2018 - 08:12 PM

Athens is pretty sad that Lyneth doesn't find him pretty.


I wrote that post before actually sitting down and reading yours ;u;

She is happy to have a pretty boy coming with her c:

#487149 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Burger Warrior on 20 May 2018 - 08:00 PM

Well, call me a gold digger ‘cause I just struck the motherlode.


"I'd love to, if you'll take me." Athens called to Lyneth in response to her call for an ally. The young nobleman walked briskly over as he continued. "Do you mind taking me along? I'm dying to leave."


Brys almost had to bite her tongue to keep it from running across her lips. Gods damn this guy sure had a lot going for him. Her mind raced to recall information about him; her frequent hunts and travels left her coming up with little more than a blank. He sure had the general air of being new, but besides that...


Athens gave her a noble, yet charming smile and extended a hand. "Apologies... I am Athens, of Astoria. What might your name be?"


Lyneth flashed him a smile with her own pearly whites, taking his hand in a fairly dainty shake. She didn’t exactly have much strength to show for all her time with the Venatori. “Oh, just call me Lyneth.” She half-curtsied, recalling some manners she picked up from watching folks back in Kyjovia. “I’m afraid I don’t have much in the way of a title, myself. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, shall it?” Her smile widened a tad as she moved just a little closer…

"I'll join you two in a second." An all-too-familiar voice called out from across the room. Brys’s smile faltered for a moment as her gaze shifted to the phrase’s source, and she let out a small sigh when she recognized the armor-clad figure.


“I guess hunting in pairs isn’t in style, anymore.” Lyneth pouted, keeping her voice low enough so that mostly just Athens and anyone else very close by could hear. Considering how many people were speaking, that wasn’t particularly difficult. “Well, I guess you get a fun buddy and… him, for this trip.” She sighed, exaggerating her exasperation just slightly. “Gods, one accident happens and fun guys like him just... poof! turn into grumpy old men who wear armor and groan all the time.”


Lyneth found herself idly curling a lock of raven hair around one of her fingers; it was something of a passive tick of hers. “Hmph, well, we have a little time to ourselves while he’s busy. How ‘bout we grab something from the kitchen and make a plan over lunch?”


#486975 Lyneth Brys

Posted by Burger Warrior on 06 April 2018 - 11:45 AM

Lyneth Brys


Full Name: Lyneth Brys

Aliases: She has several... none of which are wise to say aloud in polite company.


Sex: Female

Race: Demon-kin (Achaean/Succubae)

Birthplace: Kyjovia (Black Lands)


Affinity: Lightning

Deity: Aphrodite

Faction: Venatori





Monster Lore

Venator Herbalism



Strength: 3

Agility: 7

Constitution: 4

Perception: 7

Intelligence: 6

Spirit: 10

Luck: 5



While in human shape, Lyneth is a short young woman - somewhere in the realm of five feet tall, give or take a few inches - who possesses a rare natural beauty. Her long, curly, raven hair falls a little past her shoulders, though it’s often pulled into a loose ponytail to keep out of her way during hunts and the like. A few strands frame tanned, flawless face; which, in turn, is further decorated by her piercing blue eyes.


The rest of Lyneth’s shapely form is often concealed by her standard-issue cloak, though beneath that and her armor she isn’t afraid to reveal a little (note: actually a lot) of skin. It’s rather obvious to those who see her out of uniform that she enjoys showing off.


Her demonic form differs in much the same way a commoner might think; goat-like horns sprout from behind her ears, a spear-headed tail snakes out from just above her trousers, her eyes glow faintly; a pair of large, black, bat-like wings emerge from her shoulder blades, her already long nails stretch and harden into claws, and her canines sharpen to fang-like points.


Inventory: Venator Pack

  • 1 deepsilver chain shirt

  • 1 set of leather armor

  • 1 set of simple clothing

  • 1 steel handax

  • 1 crossbow

  • 20 iron-headed crossbow bolts

  • 5 silver-headed crossbow bolts

  • 1 silver dagger

  • 1 blue cloak

  • 1 silver Venator brooch

  • Flint and tinder

  • Potion supplies

  • 3 clean bandages

  • 2 healing ointment

  • 2 sense-enhancing potions

  • 1 strength-enhancing potion

  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion

  • Water and rations

  • 1 hallucination poison dose

  • 1 sense-obscuring poison dose

  • 1 paralysis poison dose



It is not particularly unusual to be the child of a succubus. At least, when it comes to those who are saddled with a demonic parent in the first place. Lyneth Brys was one of these misfortunate individuals, growing up in the slums of Kyjovia to an unhappy father and a distinctly absent mother. While her father viewed the whole of her demonic nature as a curse he tried time and again to cure - spending what little money he had on useless, often phony potions and elixirs - Lyneth quickly learned to take full advantage of her otherworldly beauty and passion. Whenever her father wasn’t trying to feed her another under-the-table cure for devil blood, the young girl was out in the streets on her own; making friends, currying favors, and - as times grew desperate - siphoning a little cash from the more fortunate.


Much to Lyneth’s dismay, her father had grown utterly obsessed with curing her; when she began stealing so they could buy food, he took the money (often by force when she resisted) to spend it on more phantom answers to his overblown problem. On the third night with no food, Brys realized she had to escape this domestic hell.


Lyneth slipped away - both from her home and from the city of Kyjovia at large - under the cover of dark, striking out into the wilderness alone and naive of the great dangers beyond civilization. It was really a miracle she made it so close to Blackwall before she was finally, inevitably, waylaid.


The bandits came from nowhere, and all at once Lyneth found herself in the clutches of murderers and worse. To say her skills - both hard-earned and… inherited - were put to the test would be an understatement as Brys fought all but physically to present herself as more than a pretty one-night affair. Her quick-thinking, penchant for thievery, and rather blurred morals all played a heavy part in her survival for two weeks under the watchful, malicious eyes of her new ‘hosts’. Finally, on the fourteenth day of her capture, the highwaymen made the mistake of taking cover from pursuing guards in the Forest of Shadows.


Lyneth took full advantage of the opportunity: over the course of the day, her captors disappeared one by one in the shadows, goaded into acts of stupid bravery by a pretty face. The final bandit, unwilling to leave the half-demon’s side, was found many days later with a dagger rammed squarely under his chin. By then, Lyneth was long gone.


Through all of this, Brys had come to blame her demon mother for the numerous trials that life had put her through, which ultimately led to why she stuck around Castle Greywatch. While she had first approached out of need for food, shelter, and some kind of company, the half-demon quickly realized she was in the presence of the Venatori. Monster hunters. It was the second most dangerous place she could possibly live in.


And yet… these were the people that could arm and train Lyneth to fight the kinds of creatures she had grown to hate so much. That she partly was. Joining a holy order of demon hunters like the Templars was simply too far out of Brys’s league - she’d never had problems with holy icons, but she also hadn’t exactly been in contact with those in the first place, and didn’t intend to take reckless risks of that sort - so being a part of the second-best hunters of non-humans was about the best Lyneth could ask for.


Thus, Lyneth has remained with the Venatori; though it is rare that she spends more than a day or two at Castle Greywatch. While she is more than thankful for the training and gear, her… nature makes extended stays with large groups of monster hunters an extremely bad idea (it is important to note that, despite this, she often goes on hunts with partners to both prevent herself going crazy with loneliness, keep her warm at night, and to reduce any suspicion being a frequently absent loner might bring).


Campaign History:




A little standing with the Venatori - her frequent travels keep her away from other hunters for long periods, aside from whoever is assigned to her as a partner. She switches those fairly often, for what are hopefully obvious reasons.



Just from her appearance, it’s easy to note that Lyneth is a bit of a thrillseeker… both inside and out of bedroom. While she does her damnedest to hold back the more malicious edge of her demonic nature, Brys finds it difficult to hold back when it comes to being playful or teasing. While she’s sharp enough to know speaking too loudly while sneaking is not a good idea, in other situations - even in combat - it’s not uncommon for her to quip at allies and goad enemies only to fondly recollect their reactions afterwards. And continue to do so for a long time afterwards, especially whenever her victims are present.


That said, Lyneth can hold a grudge for longer than many seem to think, her memory proving sharp and accurate over extended periods of time.



None, as of yet.