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In Topic: Klaykid's drawings

05 July 2011 - 03:31 PM

Only thing I can ask is that you maybe chance making the hands a tad larger, if you can. I know you're going for a cartoony style but in general the hands should always be able to just about cover the face, give or take a bit.

I never really noticed the hands being small until you pointed it out, you're right, some hands look a bit tiny

In Topic: Doodstormer's Sketchbook

05 July 2011 - 03:28 PM

The shading on that picture is brilliant, I also love how the picture seems to hve a story behind it rather than a character standing in a blank space

In Topic: Klaykid's drawings

04 July 2011 - 03:31 PM

You hate them all but number three? To be honest, I think three and five are the worst, two is the best in my opinion

In Topic: Monstrous Sketchbook-The Sequel

03 July 2011 - 03:16 PM

Nooo... It's Jlblue, of course. Can't you see the signs? :P

I can't believe I got that wrong! After you pointed it out it's so obvious, how did i miss the sign :P

In Topic: The "What are you currently reading" thread.

03 July 2011 - 10:55 AM

I'm reading Majician by Raymond E Feist, it's an extrememly well written fantasy novel. Every sentence is captivating, It'll keep you up all night until you've finished reading it.