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Vishan Loneon

03 June 2017 - 07:28 AM

Full Name: Vishan Loneon

Aliases: Vish (To friends)


Sex: Male

Race: Human (Achaeans)

Birthplace: A small town to the West of Tabula


Affinity: Earth

Deity: Hermes

Faction: None


Talents: Acrobatics






Strength: 6

Agility: 9

Constitution: 7

Perception: 6

Intelligence: 6

Spirit: 4

Luck: 4


Appearance: Fair skin with many old scars from a whip on his back with light brown eyes and golden brown hair. He stands at roughly five feet nine inches and is well muscled. He has a poorly shaven beard everywhere below is nose and above his adam’s apple.


Inventory: (Fortune Hunter Pack)   

  • 1 full set of leather armor

  • 1 full set of simple clothing

  • 1 brown traveling cloak

  • 1 iron short sword

  • 1 torch

  • 1 small knife (hunting/skinning knife, not a proper dagger)

  • 1 map of your native region

  • 1 clean bandage

  • Flint and tinder

  • Water and rations

  • Lock Picking Tools

  • Crowbar

  • 1 iron dagger

Biography: Vishan Loneon was abandoned as a baby a the local orphanage. At the orphanage Vishan was brutally abused and beaten by the headmaster. When he was nine he escaped the orphanage and has been surviving off of theft to get him by. Vishan lived off the streets until he was seventeen and started working with a group of hunters. Eventually Vishan left the group and went looking for money elsewhere.


Campaign History:None