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MST3K discussion thread

14 April 2017 - 09:47 PM

In celebration of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 I wanted to hear how many of you are also MSTies, how many of you have or are watching the new episodes and how many are also simply loving them!?

Warrior Born Audiobook Tests

14 October 2016 - 03:54 PM

I know, I've been making an awful lot of topics lately. But this is something rather special. Years ago, when I first read Warrior Born, I thought to myself "There ought to be an audiobook of this thing, or better yet, an audiobook drama, with different voices for the different characters" so what did I end up doing? I asked some voice actors I know to record some stuff, as a proof of concept. And thus we have this playlist on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.c...diobook/s-n5yfx Now, I really have no idea why I didn't post about this earlier. I've also listed practically all of the recordings below in this post. I hope you people enjoy this.
First some narration tests:
A test reading of the whole title of the book (Nova Refuge: The Legend of Saber-Scorpion, Book 1: Warrior Born) by David Dixon, a large amateur voice actor who has done one pro gig, as far as I know. He has a very booming voice. All David's stuff was recorded with the Samson C01U condenser microphone. This was recorded in Audacity.
The same thing, but recorded in Adobe Audition
The first bit of the Warrior Born prologue, recorded by David Dixon
The first bit of Warrior Born, recorded by Josh Truax
Character lines:
Zegaldorph line (True power is not found in ruling over fools, but in ruling over yourself. Freedom, that is true power.)
Same Zegaldorph line but with sound effects, to make it seem like the voice is coming from multiple places. The NR lore says when a Mahlok speaks, its deep voice seems to echo from within its body.
Various character lines by Josh Truax, beginning with Charles, then moving to Dark-Dragon, and then doing a Mahlok sentence (Enxith Zuithra, ka zuok ogref. Anyone who's read the book will know what it means)
Grimm line test, recorded by David Dixon
Charles again, recorded by Ian Fox. A few mess-umps. He's trying to get the feel of the character.
Mars line test (made up of the first part of a real quote and then a made up one), recorded by David Dixon
A few Dark-Dragon lines test, recorded by David Dixon


EDIT: Not all the character lines are exactly as they appear in the book, or a mish-mash of a few things. However some of it are directly pulled from Warrior Born. Most of Dixon's work are changed a bit though.

Underrated or favorite board games

14 October 2016 - 11:06 AM

Here you can post (extensively if you'd like) about board games that you think are underrated and needs more attention, or your favorite board games. Could be from your childhood.

Board game news

14 October 2016 - 11:03 AM

This topic is going to be sorely about new board games you've seen, online or in stores, even on Kickstarter (though the forums does have a rule about posting links to websites, so if you can just link a Kickstarter video instead, that would be great). In my opinion this topic should be limited to any kind of board games. You may talk about fun little things like Monopoly and Risk to high fantasy conquest games and 4x role-playing games set in galactic empires. Doesn't matter, though I think we can all agree that most of us will be posting the latter. Unless there's a new edition of the Star Wars Risk or Monopoly coming out, or, you know, someone in here discovers the AC/DC Monopoly Game, or Werewolf finds an Uncharted board game... anyway, this intro has gone on for quite long enough. So... discuss :)

New board suggestion: Board games, tabletops, physical games

14 October 2016 - 09:35 AM

There doesn't seem to be a lot of talk of board games or tabletop RPGs here, so I thought, what if we had a board just for that? Or would that be too many? Also, I just realize, oh my heavens, there's a powerful storm outside my window. I just heard these howling sounds, thought it was weird, looked outside and all the plants are going bannanas, like they're rocking to No Quarter by Led Zepelin...


Oh, right, back to topic. I've always loved these kinds of games. You had to use your imagination, but then there were also board games with amazing, complicated set-ups, with towers you could shoot down, into pieces even, and other brilliant sceneries. I've always been very nostalgic about games involving what you can't see, and what you can see, physically. The former because I want to be an author, so imgination is probably my most powerful ally, and the latter because who doesn't??


Also, it would be an opportunity for us to be even more geekier than we already are, talking about complex rulesets and RPG systems. We already have a board for made-up RPGs, but this would be different. For example we might have a topic for news on commercially made RPGs, or RPGs we've found online, posted by their creators. Could be on DeviantArt, the RPGForums site, its own site or wherever. I just think it would be a neat asset to the good ol SSLF.


Of course this would not have to be limited to things you can get physically, since there are a lot of online text-based games that simulate real tabletop gaming. Or games based on worldbuilding, like Goodhood WB on Reddit, Dawn of Words, and probably others I just can't remember the names of at the moment.