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Adrienna De’Maravanne

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Posted 08 July 2017 - 01:59 PM

Name: Adrienna De’Maravanne

Gender: Female

Race: Human (Archaean)

Appearance: Olive skinned and naturally beautiful, Adrienna generally wears a simple but attractive dress, or a fitted blouse with hardy trousers. She wears a silken scarf around her hair and another around her waist. Her lute is generally slung over her shoulder.

Affinity: Clay

Deity: None

Faction: The Guild of Apollo (see my custom content request).

Talents: Charisma, Subtlety, Education (Old Achaean)



Strength: 4

Agility: 5

Constitution: 5

Perception: 6

Intelligence: 7

Spirit: 9

Luck: 6


Weapon(s): A short but razor sharp blade, worn concealed.


Throwing knives, also concealed


Trinkets: A beautiful and ornate lute.


Biography: Daughter of an Achaean duke, Adrienna was spoiled and pampered from an early age. Destined for marriage to secure a political alliance, she was expected to sit in the background while her elder brothers made their names, working on needlework and music lessons.


This did not suit her cheeky and adventurous spirit in the slightest.


Her father’s eyes were opened to this one summer afternoon, when he and his esteemed hunting party returned to the stable to find the young woman in a rather compromising position with the stable boy. Embarassed and enraged, the duke gave her a choice. Immediate marriage or disinheritance and exile. Adrienna gladly chose the latter.


These days she survives singing and playing the lute in taverns and drifting from place to place, her goal to see the world and experience its many pleasures. She has picked up a few combat skills and.. Other methods in her travels.

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 03:47 PM

All sounds good! Just one thing... could you convert it into the formatting of the new character sheet? It has a little more info and stuff, and I tried to lay it out better - it shouldn't be too hard to switch, since you already have pretty much all the info. Plus you'll get an extra talent! :P


Starting currency is 15 gold, 35 silver, 50 copper.


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