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World-Building: Isles of Strofades


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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:27 AM

Not sure if this is allowed, but to heck with it. I think coming up with 'fan-lore' is pretty fun. Also, as you will come to notice, this is a matriarchal society. I do not intend on treading in someone else's garden if you know what I mean. I had a wicked idea and I rolled with it. I apologize in advance if anything causes a conflict. I'm still working on this to make it fit in better with Wulfgard lore. Dawg.




The Isles of Strofades

“Fear not the isle of birds, for their songs are sweet, for their honey as smooth as milk. Feat not the feathers which float through the wind, the trees that reach into the heavens, the waters which crash upon the shores. Fear for the life you left behind as you will never return to the world of man.”




The Isle of Strofades is located far off from the coast of Northrim approximately west of Fishmonger Bay. The oddly shaped island contains a small mountain range, many dense forests, and a total of three main townships all united under a common banner. Illiad serves as the capital of the Strofadean High Council surrounded by thick walls of marble. The majority of the structures in Strofades are made with flight in mind meaning if you cannot fly, you wont be able to access the majority of the buildings and public structures. As a result of complaints from visitors, construction of flight challenged structures recently began.


The main structures to make note on the Isle of Strofades is the Old Fort located to the north island and on the mainland rests the Illiad, Serra, Ossric, Port of Nath, Mistfall Keep, Goldforest Keep, and Mt. Auran. The largest forest on the island is referred to as the Whispering Forest. It has been advised that those not native to the island should keep clear of the forest and instead use the main roads. Though the main routes take longer to travel around the island. The Whispering Forest is rumored to house a legendary avian species known as Griffins.


Located at the base of Mt. Auran, east of Serra is a large cavern which is speculated to lead into the core of the world itself. Labeled Womb of the Mountain, Strofadean have sectioned off the entrance to ward off tourists and the adventurer alike. The Port of Nath is the main port receiving commercial vessels and passenger vessels. Though travel to the Isles of Strofades is rare, the port is able to hold fifty vessels at a time and can receive up to sixty-three.





The location of Strofades' capital, Illiad serves as the main government hub where important legislative and judicial decisions are made. The city itself is made with high walls and towers, open windows and multiple perches for avians to land and rest. White marble pillars are common sights which hold up vast roofs spanning large areas. Statues line the streets displaying many idols from gods to warriors in ancient lore. The walls surrounding Illiad are made from tick marble giving the city a white appearance.


The streets are mainly filled with visitors, traders, and the occasional human 'bondmate'. Most avians prefer to fly from their destinations leaving the streets relatively clean and tidy. Structures are more accommodating to flight able species with entrances slightly elevated off from the ground.






The Strofadean avians are a matriarchal society. The reason for this stems in the mysterious female to male birthrate which is roughly 35:1. Because of this, all of the major jobs are held by female avians from government positions to the most mundane of occupations. Males become more of a second class citizen who's sole purpose lies in reproduction and social status. If an avian owned a male avian, she would be considered high class. The more males you own, the higher your social status is. In order to keep a stable birthrate, Strofadean have resorted to kidnapping human males from Northrim and bringing them to the Isle of Strofades. Even with this, males are incredibly rare on the Isles of Strofades. In fact, an illegal slave trade operation has began in the Strofadean Isles. Though having human males can upgrade your social status, having Strofadean males is worth more 'points' on the social scoreboard. It is unknown why Strofadeans are able to reproduce with human beings. Many speculate that it is because of their bodies which are close to humans.


Male Strofadeans find themselves under the complete control of their bondmates. Very seldom are they allowed jobs, and those who do work are usually given labour jobs as males have more muscle mass than females. Unless given special permission by the Strofadean High Council, males are not permitted to join the military nor are they allowed to sail and travel outside the Strofadean Isles. Males are subject to their bondmates dressing them up in a show of power. Strofadeans pride themselves on how attractive their males are. During festivals, males are paraded around their towns wearing elaborate clothing and armour which either compliments their looks or their muscles.


Contrary to human belief, the Strofadean diet mostly consists of fish, nuts, fruits, and the occasional vegetable like corn. Very seldom do they consume red meat, and if they do, it is considered bizarre. Alcohol and tobacco are a newly introduced product to the Strofadean isles. Many do not partake of the drink nor do they smoke. However, behind closed doors alcohol is used as an aphrodisiac for marital activities.


A nasty rumor has been spreading through the Northrim that Strofadean avians are responsible for disappearing Imperials and Northmen. The High Council rejected this idea, stating it as just rumors. However they have no intention on doing anything about the human slave trade. As a result, the Strofadeans have no relationship with human realms and settlements. Instead, trade and commerce involves other beastfolk settlements.








All Strofadean avians have clawed feet like those of birds and hands with claws as well. Hair comes in a multitude of colours which generally match their feathers. Contrary to popular belief, Strofadean avians do not have beaks or tails. Strofadeans are oviparous but only lay a single egg during the birthing season, however, it is not uncommon that one could lay up to a total of three eggs.








The military of Strofades is mainly consisted of females with the rare male who either has a guard posting or on the rarest of occasions, a heavy warrior. Armour is made of light materials to preserve their ability to fly. Males are the only avians who are able to fly sporting metal armour. The main weapons a Strofadean is armed with are sharp blades on the boots over their feet. They utilize their flight speed in causing multiple deep lacerations to their opponents.




#2 The Doctor

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 02:29 PM

Birds off one coast, snakes off the other... :P

I like these gals quite a bit though, bird folk are always pretty kewl. The only thing I would question is the birth rate; I know you said it's not uncommon for them to have up to three eggs each season, but depending on how many they lay in a lifetime I'm not really certain what their population growth looks like. Semantics though, not really a huge detail.

It should also be noted I have pretty drunk.


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