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Posted 24 May 2017

Hey guys!
Work on that animation that I mention previously is taking longer than expected, so I'm going to postpone making more comic pages until it's done.
Not that anybody was reading the comics, anyway. :P
In other news, I'm going to be working on more Errant stuff, and if you want a picture of your character done, then post your c...

Ramblings of a Homeschooled Nerd > NEW STUFF FOR YOU GUYS IS COMING SOON!

Posted 15 April 2017

Hey, Dalton here!
First off, here's an Art Update for ya.
Secondly, I am planning on releasing a Comic Update and a DM Post for Age of Shadows sometime next week. I've been [s]lazy busy lately, and have only had enough time to complain about stuff on SSLF, but I will try to get some stuff up next week.
Lastly, hopefully by the...

Ramblings of a Homeschooled Nerd > NEW COMICS ARE FINALLY HERE

Posted 28 February 2017

I finally started those comics I talked about here .
Here's the Link to The Black Knight's Bride.
Here's the Link to Wulfgard: Wake not the Sleeping Bull. 

Ramblings of a Homeschooled Nerd > Chick-fil-a v.s. Art and Comic Updates

Posted 18 February 2017

So, I regret to announce that I will most likely stop doing Art Updates on Saturdays.

I have the same shifts as my 16-year-old brother at Chick-fil-a, so I'm working 8-hour shifts on Saturdays: In other words, I'm working from 3 in the afternoon to 11 at night. In addition to that, I'm also working with my brother to help clean up one of our neighbor's y...

Ramblings of a Homeschooled Nerd > In which I try to start an RP, get a Job, and promise that I will start posting Comics.

Posted 13 February 2017

Krraeginn: Age of Shadows has officially started! If you're a Nova Member, than please consider signing up, as I would love to try to do something with my fantasy universe on here other than in my art topic.
If it doesn't work out, than I'll...