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Phaedus Argantyes


Bobafettmaniac's Awesome sister.

Phaedus Argantyes

Phaedus Argantyes, a hermit from the coastlands.

He lost his wife and children in a raid by a particularly murderous robber band.
Having some experience with a bow, he slowly annihilated the band over several days.
Still aching from the loss, he spends most of his time in a bar, drinking his sorrows away.
Unfortunately for him, the alcohol cannot remove the pain.

Generally this is the part where he joins some band in a RP.

Full credit to my sister who sketched this picture.

    Really Cool!
    Your sister is a talented artist!
    I think so :D!
    BTW, she does commissions. her deviant art is Serpantinedoves, or you can simply contact her through me.

    Splendid piece! I like the classic carton style of the illustration. You're sister has talent indeed. Great work!