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A tale of how Sir Muffonious finds inspiration for his numerous creative projects

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 27 June 2010 · 791 views

So I'm sitting here bored and I thought to myself, "Hey! People read my blog (they don't)! I should make a new entry!" So here I am.

Basically, as summer has begun to take its hold over me and I've succumbed to doing nothing day in and day out, I've been spending more and more time on the Sissilf (SSLF, for those who don't know words good). For some odd reason, I've noticed that things are very dull here during the day, and I'm here all day, so this dullness is starting to irk me. It's summer, people. Make RPs! Write stories! Create meaningless blog entries! Entertain me!

When I'm very bored and I'm trying to whittle away that boredom by sitting on Sissilf, there's one thing that I like to do more than most other things that I like to do: Read old RPs. And that sounded really boring and dorky. But I don't care. Anyway, this is part of the reason that I suggested that "Finished Roleplay Topic" to Merc a few months ago, because in this day and age it's just really hard to find a good, completed RP. Really, you guys just don't finish them. I don't either, or at least not usually. It's a strange affliction we have.

We all know why DMs don't finish RPs. They lose interest or get tired, the idea is experimental and it turns out it sucks, or the players stop posting. That last one is the one that I want to talk about. Like I said, we all know why DMs quit RPs, but why is it that you, as a player, give up on something before its completion? Does one simply lose interest in the same manner as the DM? Does the DM him/herself make you want to stop playing (either from rudeness, ineptitude, or a boring way of running things)? Is it usually the story that you don't like? Do you sign up as a character only to later realize that you dislike playing as them? Or did you merely expect the RP to be something more? If you have the time, drop a comment and leave me an answer.

So back to what I was talking about earlier, which was finished RPs. My current RP, Journey, was inspired by a brilliant little piece of work you may or may not have heard of, crafted by a DM you may or may not have played under. To be frank, I never even knew that the guy was such a great DM until I read over some of his stuff. When I first saw the sign up for his initial RP, I was underwhelmed by the setting he chose and the story he presented. It seemed passable at the time.


If you have not before read it, I implore you to check out Ginger's Fallout: Scavengers. It starts off slow, sure, but the players endure the lengthy introductory sequence in the beginning and, as their reward, they are launched into an epic three part voyage across the wastes from the game Fallout, with Ginger's masterful improvisation at the helm.

After reading, you may wonder to yourself why it is, in my opinion, so special. Well, there's really nothing spectacular about it to most people, I'm sure. A lot of the players didn't post too often, some characters dropped off the face of the planet, and half of the players were bickering the entire time. But wait, don't you see? It's an exact replication of a real life D&D campaign, but on the internet! Never before and not since have I seen a single RP that has managed to pull that off.

If you've played D&D before IRL, this will suddenly make sense to you. Think about it: The DM has a vague story in mind, but the majority of the game is just him trying to come up with new stuff while keeping the players on their toes. The players constantly bicker over trivial matters and obscure details as presented in video games. Characters suddenly disappear (as they often do when a player spontaneously decides to generate a new one for the game), only for their sudden deaths to be explained at a later time. The posts are usually short and sweet, with players more or less conversing in real-time (you rarely see one player putting words in another's mouth). And because of Ginger's improv (as I understand it), it was possible for more or less anything to happen. Like in D&D!

For some reason, this RP and the style in which is was run struck a cord with me, and suddenly the lights went on and I realized that I had to get back into my iron-fisted DMing ways. I had to have my players travel across a continent, battling freakish monsters and hunting for treasure while being pursued by an evil force of unmatched might! For some reason, reading Ginger's RP suddenly made me want to DM like I never wanted to before. And for some reason, this manifested itself as an old-fashioned high fantasy adventure. Maybe it was the connections I made to D&D.

Now recently I've been bummed out on Journey and totally bored with the whole thing, toughing it out because I'M A DM DARN IT AND I NEED TO FINISH, and also because now I'm supposed to be, like, setting some sort of example for Globejumper because Merc is lazy and he certainly can't do it himself. :P Well, in my darkest hour, I sought out my fountain of inspiration (or fuente de inspiracion, as the Chinese would say). I dug up Fallout: Scavengers (courtesy of that nifty "Finished Roleplay Topic" I mentioned earlier), and I sat down for a few nights to read it. I'm actually still going through it, which is great.

Of course, the thing worked like a freaking miracle and now I'm actually excited to finish Journey, not because it's a pain in the butt and I want to be done with it but because I finally get to tell the end of my story. It's a moment of joy for me, not relief. Arguably the biggest and best RP I've ever done on Sissilf and it's actually going to end. I couldn't be prouder at this moment...maybe now people will forget about MadMen.

And of course, now I'm already planning my next RP and Ginger's Fallout series is really helping me get pumped for that. So, a big thumbs-up to Ginger! And uh, you guys should go check that out now that I'm done rambling. By the way, my ramblings were in no way meant to offend anyone who participated in Ginger's RP. You guys all did just great.

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I'm not going to lie...I just really like her hair.

Hey, Small World didn't suck. In fact, I was quite sad when it died. It was a really fun RP :(.

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